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Sun conjunct Pluto

Old Issues Renewed

Kelli Fox

This period could be an intense one for the two of you, but will ultimately prove beneficial. You're likely to get into some power struggles with each other now; you might both feel calm and centered on your own, but when you get together, something big is bubbling to the surface, demanding that you deal with it. And your way of dealing with it might well be to argue, or take subtler routes of attempted domination and control.

'I'm holding the remote control tonight, honey,' you might say, with a grin pasted on to hide the fact that your jaw is set like concrete! Whatever's coming up is something that's been there for a long time, so why not go ahead and face it down now and be done with it, once and for all? It could be an intense, even difficult process, yes. But it could also be really transformative for your relationship as a whole. By the end of this ten-day period, you could both feel as if you understand each other and yourselves and even your bond infinitely better than you did a week ago. Expect intense sexual chemistry now, too -- even if you're arguing a lot, or even because of it. Something about your mutual displays of domination will really turn you both on!

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