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Sun conjunct Neptune

Get Your Romance On

Kelli Fox

This is the perfect period to indulge in a little dreamy romance together, because when you're in the same room, you're not likely to be focused on anything concrete. Trying to stick to rigid plans or timetables will be difficult for this ten-day period, as will taking care of mundane responsibilities like paying the bills or cleaning the house, even as a team. For this week or so, when you're together, you'll both be much more in the mood for something related to sweetness and fantasy.

Spending a little time in each other's arms could be a wonderfully fulfilling, transporting experience; so could going together to an art gallery or a museum to share and enjoy your impressions. Facing any cold, hard truths about your relationship probably isn't on the agenda this week, because neither one of you is in the mood to disturb your dreamy bond. Though you're not exactly looking at the world through the eyes of truth, you'll still be able to tune in to each other and be sensitive to each other's moods and needs. You can treat each other with a lot of compassion now, and make each other feel wonderful. There will be time enough next week to deal with reality again.

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