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Sun conjunct Mercury

A Chatty Period

Kelli Fox

The focus during this period is on the way you communicate with each other -- both in overt ways, like conversation, flirtation, trading jokes and even jabs; and in more subtle ways, like your intuitive bond. This week-long period should give a real boost to your communication. You'll find yourselves laughing together more than usual and chatting till late into the night about your days, your thoughts, just whatever comes into your heads.

This is the perfect time to do something cerebral or intellectual together, like working a crossword or logic puzzle or making a date to go to a debate or a poetry reading. Little love notes will have a big impact now, and you'll both find yourselves wanting to call each other at odd moments throughout the day -- ostensibly to ask some question or relay something you forgot to tell each other earlier, but really, just to hear each other's voices one more time and have that little bit of contact. Short trips would also be a wonderful way to connect now. Take a day trip out of town; bring CDs for the road so you can both sing along, and take a picnic basket so you can linger awhile, drawing out the conversation.

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