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Sun conjunct Mars

Dynamic Duo

Kelli Fox

This ten-day period is a great time to start new projects together, or to play on the same team in a game of Scrabble or softball with friends. Whatever you've been talking about doing -- planting a garden, taking a day trip, reorganizing the kitchen or joining the gym -- now you can get it done. But whatever you do, do it as a team.

The current energy is really about togetherness and taking huge strides as a couple. You can certainly get more done together than either of you can on your own, and cleaning the house top to bottom can be a bonding experience! No, really. There's potential now for arguments, though, so make sure that whatever you do together, you're both pulling your weight. If one of you feels like you're stuck with a heavier load than the other, you'll start to feel pretty ticked off about it all, pretty fast. You know, on second thought, this may not be the best time for that weekend deep-cleaning session at home; there's too much potential there for irritation. Why not keep it fun? But do keep it active. Go for a jog together, play some racquetball or rent a canoe for the afternoon. Together you can sweat off some of your aggression.

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