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Sun conjunct Jupiter

An Injection of Fun

Kelli Fox

Be sure to get out of the house and do something fun during this ten-day transit, because when you're together, you just feel great -- energetic, optimistic, as if anything is possible. And hey, under the current energy, it just might be! If you've been having any trouble getting along of late, or even just if things have been a little on the mundane side, this period will surely give your relationship the injection of fun that it needs.

This is the kind of energy that could encourage you to start making big plans for the future together -- a vacation, maybe, or even a move or a house purchase. Do take care that you don't get too expansive, or plan something that's really outside your budget or the amount of time that you can spare. But as long as at least one of you keeps things grounded in what's actually possible, what's wrong with dreaming the dream? Aside from making plans for the future, you should also focus on your bond in the here and now. You'll probably both be in the mood for some fun, varied, jam-packed days, full of activities that allow you to use both your minds and your bodies. So get out there and make it happen!

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