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Saturn trine Venus

Taking It to the Next Level

Kelli Fox

You two may decide to take your relationship to the next level sometime during the next several months, because this period, which lasts nearly a year, is all about deepening your feelings of love and commitment toward each other. Things just seem right between you: simple, true and affectionate. You can both see the future you share, and it looks mighty rosy!

Making a commitment or deepening the one you already share feels effortless. You're both more tuned in than usual to the artistic side of life, so your best dates now will be to art galleries and museums, or walks around the lake in spring. Your financial affairs seem to be going well now, too, especially the funds that you share. You may even have enough extra to purchase a piece of art that speaks to both of you -- something that will only appreciate in value over time, that you can look at years down the line and remember this special time in your relationship when things were so sweet and steady between you.

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