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Saturn trine Sun

A Realistic Sense of Your Bond

Kelli Fox

Compromise and sacrifice come more easily to each of you during this period, which lasts nearly a year; as a result, your relationship will run along smooth tracks and will feel satisfying to both of you. You both have a realistic view of the connection you share. Neither one of you expects more out of your bond than you're going to get, which is a good thing -- you won't feel disappointed by the shortcomings of your partner or your relationship.

And from that position of understanding and accepting the way things truly are, you can move forward together in the life that you share. What are your goals as a couple? Sit down and discuss them together, because you can make a lot of solid progress now. There are few obstacles in your way, and you may even find that you're blessed with 'good luck' during this period. Opportunities certainly do seem to fall into your laps at appropriate times. But maybe that's just that grounded sense of realism at play, again. You're not overshooting, and you're not underestimating yourselves, either; you're aiming just high enough, so your goals should be easy enough targets to hit.

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