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Saturn trine Saturn

Motivation to Carry On

Kelli Fox

This period marks a good time to revisit those goals and plans you share as a couple, and figure out which ones really mean something to you. You can work together as a team now to make things happen, and you can also separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak -- deciding on what's important and what isn't, and cutting the unimportant elements that clutter up your lives and your relationship. Doing so leaves room for the essentials -- the parts of your bond that you don't want to or can't imagine doing without.

You've got a far-ranging view of the future now, so you can begin to plan things that may not happen for months or even years. You're both feeling that committed; you're not afraid to start saving funds in a joint account for a vacation that right now seems like it's light years away. That time will come sooner than you think! And you'll be glad then for the preparation and planning you put in now. This is also a good time to slow down a bit and appreciate all the fruits of your hard work together. You're seeing the results of your combined efforts now, and appreciating what you've achieved gives you the motivation to keep striving.

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