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Saturn trine Pluto

Make Plans and Move Forward

Kelli Fox

This period offers you a great opportunity to make positive changes in your relationship or in the future that you two share. You've got a collectively clear vision now of how things should be between you, and you can make it happen with a minimum of trouble. Suddenly your shared path is clear, and you're both in gear for moving forward!

This will especially be a relief if you've been through any challenging times together of late; now, the struggle seems worth it, because you reach great results. The changes you make together now will almost certainly be good ones, and when this period is over, you'll be able to look back and see quantitative results. Maybe you'll end up moving or buying a house together, or perhaps both of you will make changes in your own jobs or careers that are the direct result of your influence on each other -- the encouragement and support that you offer each other as friends and lovers. So talk about the goals you share, both as individuals and as a couple. Now is the time when you can formulate a plan together for moving toward them in a strong, sure way.

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