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Saturn trine Neptune

Giving Time and Energy, Together

Kelli Fox

Those sweet dreams that you share as a couple may come true during the next several months, as a rare and positive energy moves through your relationship like a cool, healing wind. You're both feeling sensitized now to the power of your connection, and suddenly, you know you want to do something good with that power. You're both amazed by the sweet, tender quality of your love, but simply enjoying it together isn't enough anymore.

Now you want to take it outside the relationship and help the rest of the world with compassion and magnanimity. You may want to get more involved in a local charity organization, donating your time and energy to a project that will benefit people who don't have the same advantages that you two have. Doing something like this will really reinforce your idea of the sacredness of love and commitment, and in so doing, will reinforce the love and commitment you share as a couple. You're now able to take the ideals that drew you to each other back in the beginning and put them into realistic, concrete terms. Giving of your time and energy will most certainly bring you closer as a couple.

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