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Saturn trine Mercury

Able to Focus

Kelli Fox

You're both more able than usual to focus during these next several months. If either of you is taking a course or endeavoring to learn something new on your own, you can help each other out now in your understanding of the subject. Your communication with each other is also improved now; you're both able to be reasonable, even during arguments, so if there are any heavy issues between you that need to be talked out, now would be the perfect time to do so.

This is also a great time to start new projects together, because you're thinking clearly as a team and you can make better plans now than at other times. Any contracts or negotiations you're involved in as a couple should go well now. With two sharp sets of eyes looking things over, you're sure to catch any inconsistencies or other issues. Your finances are likely to be in good shape now, too; set some money aside to enjoy together later, when you want to take a vacation or purchase something fun and frivolous together.

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