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Saturn trine Mars

Keeping Each Other Motivated

Kelli Fox

You've both got a lot of energy now; in fact, you seem to feed off each other's energy and sense of motivation when you get together. The next few months present the perfect time to tackle projects together, especially physical ones, because you've got the ambition and the stamina to make things happen. Teamwork is your forte as a couple now, so get that fence built or that garden planted; join that intramural sports team together, or renew your gym membership.

Working out goes especially well now; you're able to motivate and encourage each other to step things up a notch or two. Don't be surprised if you each lose a few pounds over the next year, or trim down! This is not the time to rent movies and lie around on the couch together, and that's fine -- you're not in the mood to be lazy together. Your mutual enjoyment now comes from being active, from deciding what you want to do or create and going for it. You can work steadily and patiently now, and really get a lot done. So sit down together and discuss the goals you share as a couple. Then work out a plan, and get started.

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