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Saturn trine Jupiter

Expanding Your Shared Horizons

Kelli Fox

Opportunities could seem to simply fall into your laps during the next several months. You're lucky when you're together, or at least it feels that way. This period is all about reaching out to the wonderful possibilities that will extend your way, and keeping your eyes open for lucky chances and circumstances.

Travel and money are highlighted for you now as a couple, as are expanding your cultural horizons. Perhaps one of you will get a new job that enables you to travel more, or maybe you'll simply have enough money now to take that trip you've always fantasized about together. This is also a great time to take a class together and learn something new -- especially something you can use later, such as another language or some other skill that will come in handy when you travel to a country neither of you has ever visited before. Now is a good time to get involved in community organizations and efforts, too. You both want to help further the cause, whatever that cause is to you -- and you're interested not only in learning, but in teaching the things you know that others may not.

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