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Saturn square Venus

Emotionally Locked Up

Kelli Fox

You're both feeling emotionally locked up during this period, which will last the better part of a year. All of a sudden, it no longer seems so easy to express yourselves in a spontaneous, affectionate way. Your mutual expressions of love seem stilted, and leave you both feeling underwhelmed or even underappreciated.

When your friends invite you out to a party or gathering, one or both of you declines the invitation, saying you're too busy -- but really you're feeling a bit down and just not in the mood to socialize. Part of the wall that's springing up between you may be the result of other troubles you're facing together, such as financial ones. Maybe you've recently gone beyond your budget, and now you're having to pull back in a big way, cutting out fun things like dinner dates and vacations in order to pay for the essentials. If your relationship starts to feel like more work than fun during this period, try to remind yourselves, and each other, that this is just a phase. This difficult period will pass, and the good times will return. Think of this as a test of your commitment to and love for each other: If you can get through this, you know your bond is strong.

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