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Saturn square Sun

Work Hard, Together

Kelli Fox

You two could hit a rough patch now, not necessarily with each other but in a way that will affect the relationship. You're both feeling low-energy during this period, which is part of the problem -- even working as a team, you're not up to the demands this transit will present. Something you've been working on together may stall out now, and you may not know what to do about it.

But trying to force results is definitely not the answer. If you try to throw your weight around in order to keep that loan officer or subcontractor in line, they'll only want to toss up more obstacles in your way. Try to stay humble, and be open to switching courses midstream -- or even switching projects, if that's what has to happen. This is a time of testing, and if you can hunker down together and get through this period with as much grace and humility as possible, then your relationship will be stronger for the experience in the end. That's the whole point of periods like this one, after all: to remind you that sometimes, you have to work for your blessings. So work hard, cooperate with each other and anyone else involved in your doings, and wait for easier days.

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