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Saturn square Saturn

The Future Seems Iffy

Kelli Fox

Suddenly, that sweet, sure feeling of certainty between you is gone, replaced by one of doubt and confusion. Everything you thought you knew you wanted seems up in the air during this period, which will last up to a year. The commitment you've made to each other feels suddenly transitory, as if it could shift and disappear at any moment.

The visions you've both been building in your minds of a solid connection that lasts years into the future now seems iffy at best. The problems between you suddenly seem huge and difficult; you may even feel as if you've reached a real impasse, one you can't possibly get over. But what, really, has changed from yesterday to today? Nothing but your perception. If you have a strong and clear sense that things need to change between you, you're probably right...but that change doesn't have to mean an end to the relationship. You may need to negotiate a new way of communicating, however. The other alternative is to simply hunker down and wait this period out, together. Whichever route you choose, you'll start to feel more relaxed about your connection in a few months, when the positive side of your bond reemerges.

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