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Saturn square Pluto

Grappling with Big Issues

Kelli Fox

The next many months are likely to be a challenging period for your relationship, as you grapple together with big issues. Hard work is ahead, and your relationship could suffer as a result. Your sex life may dip in intensity; you're both feeling overwhelmed with whatever it is that you're facing at work or at home, and sex may seem at the bottom of your list of priorities.

But keeping that bond warm and active would actually be a really good idea now, for a couple of reasons: Being physically intimate will help you burn off some of the tension that's currently swirling around you, and it will also remind you of why you're together -- because you've got a strong and passionate bond that's valuable to both of you. Or do you? That's the question you're grappling with now, and you may not like the answer you come to. You may end up having to give up something that once meant a lot to both of you, but it doesn't have to be the relationship itself. It could be a long-cherished but now outmoded hope for your shared future. Just trust in the fact that whatever happens now does so for a reason, and making sacrifices is necessary to lighten your load.

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