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Saturn square Neptune

Imperfections: The Spice of Love

Kelli Fox

Your shared illusions regarding your love affair may crumble during the next several months, as reality and idealism lock together in an uncomfortable standoff. This is a tense confrontation between the way things really are and the way you both wish they could be, and you'll both feel the disappointment of losing some of your most cherished ideals about each other. But facing the truth of a situation is a good thing, however difficult it might be, and this period is no different.

Okay, so you don't communicate as well as you thought you did, or the passion you share doesn't burn quite as hot as it once did. You want different things in life; you're two different people, with individual goals that may or may not fit in with the overall scope of your relationship. And on top of it all, neither one of you is that sublime being the other once thought you were! So what? Isn't it the flaws and the unexpectedness and the spontaneity that make relationships interesting? This period challenges you to learn to revel in your differences, and in the surprises your bond brings to the table.

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