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Saturn square Mercury

Limited Viewpoints

Kelli Fox

The next several months could be a lonely period for both of you, even though you're involved in this intimate relationship with each other. Suddenly, neither one of you feels as if you're getting through to the other, no matter how hard you try. Your conversations may be awkward at best, and could easily turn into arguments as you each try to pick the other's logic apart, exposing the flaws in their thinking.

You might both experience serious doubts about the relationship, wondering if this is really what you should be doing right now. Or, this could be an influence that affects you two as a unit. Maybe you're both thinking the same way on some important issue, so much so that neither one of you realizes you're looking at things in the wrong way -- all you notice is that whatever you think is going to happen doesn't; whatever you hope will work seems to fail. Your instincts will tell you to be conservative in your actions, but that may not be the best route. Still, it'll be hard to break out of the fear you'll both feel regarding doing something outside the box. You might just have to wait this period out.

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