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Saturn square Mars

A Period of Low Energy

Kelli Fox

The goals you two have set and worked toward together suddenly seem less attainable, and you could both feel very frustrated as a result. This period, which lasts close to a year, will be all about how you deal with this frustration, with the sense that you're shoving up against brick walls in whatever you try to accomplish together. How will you respond when that carefully planned dream vacation is postponed indefinitely because one of you has a sudden work emergency that prevents you from leaving town?

Will you get angry, start an argument, sulk, run off on your own? Needless to say, none of those responses would be the most productive one, but the productive response -- simply accepting these limitations and getting on with things -- will be the hardest to achieve. It could be difficult to stay motivated this year. Your combined energies are low and you just don't feel that you have the oomph needed to get things moving in the right direction. Your sex life could take a hit now, too, also due to this low energy and the sense of low-grade resentment between you. Try to wait it out; good times will return if you're patient.

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