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Saturn square Jupiter

Frustrated with Restrictions

Kelli Fox

Your relationship suddenly feels like a stifling place to be rather than the open, fun and free bond you both want it to be. Your belief is being tested -- in each other, in your commitment, in the values that you both thought you shared but that now seem worlds apart. What was once a close, fun, affectionate bond now seems like a drag.

One or both of you may feel rebellious against the limitations of your relationship, but try not to act on these feelings. You could end up damaging a good thing, just out of a passing sense of being hemmed in. Alternatively, this may be a time when you two question not the relationship itself, but the goals you've formulated as a couple. Something that once seemed really important and appealing now seems to be beside the point. You may want to move in a completely new direction together, but not knowing how, or if it's even the right thing to do, will seem frustrating. The truth is, that frustration is a useful tool if you know how to use it. This period is supposed to be a time of questioning, which can feel really confusing and frustrating. But be sure to act deliberately, not impulsively, when you do finally decide on a course of action.

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