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Saturn sextile Venus

Working Toward Your Shared Goals

Kelli Fox

You're likely to get more serious about your relationship over the next several months. A solid and loving partnership has never seemed like a better idea. You're both willing to work on your bond, to make it as sweet, harmonious and loving as it can be.

You're both feeling extra supportive now, and you're both feeling well supported as a result. Whatever you have to tackle together, whether it's something fun like a dinner party with friends or something more work-oriented, you'll do it as a true team, united in spirit, goals and execution. This is a great time to talk openly about the goals you share as a couple and start working toward them. What do you both see in your future together? A house, children, a move to a new city, perhaps? Whatever it is, you can set it in motion now, or at least make that commitment to each other -- that you're working toward the same things, and you both know what those things are. Depending on your particular shared goals, this may be a time when you start saving your money together. If so, the transition to a simpler lifestyle shouldn't be a difficult one, since it's going toward something you both really want.

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