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Saturn sextile Uranus

A Boost in Passion and Excitement

Kelli Fox

The coming months are a time to bring change into your relationship in a way that both of you can handle. This isn't a time for sudden shifts that will upset the hard-earned balance between you. Eloping is likely to be as ill-advised as breaking up on a whim!

But the great news is that sudden moves like that won't appeal to either of you. Instead, you want to bring a new flavor to your dynamic, but in a steady and organic way. If you've been feeling that your shared passion could use a little boost, this is the perfect time to do something fun and new in the bedroom -- explore the Kama Sutra together, perhaps, or rent some erotic videos to help you focus on new positions and sensations. Similarly, you can stimulate your minds now in a fun way by taking a class together or traveling someplace that neither of you has ever been before, and discovering a whole new world together. Whatever happens now, you'll be both progressive and conservative -- a great combination. You can revamp anything in your bond that has gone stale, but you aren't likely to make risky moves that would put the relationship itself on the block.

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