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Saturn sextile Sun

Proud of Each Other

Kelli Fox

Think about the projects you've had in mind for a long time -- those things you know you want to do together someday, but neither one of you has lit that fire yet. The next several months is the perfect time to get those projects in gear. Whether it's working on the relationship itself, your house or something fun and creative, you can make real headway now, as long as you work as a team.

And teamwork is easier now than usual. You're both able to focus more than usual, and your individual goals are aligned with each other. Plus, you've both got more patience with each other and with the project than you normally do! All of those qualities together means fewer squabbles over 'I'm right' -- 'No, I'm right!' and more steady progress in the direction that's right for both of you. This period is about balance, which means that as focused as you get on whatever you choose to work on together, you'll still make time to relax, and you'll also make time for other loved ones outside the relationship. So have fun, and get some work done. You'll both look back on this period and feel proud of each other and yourselves for all you've accomplished.

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