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Saturn sextile Saturn

A Focused, Dedicated Team

Kelli Fox

At the moment and for the next many months, your focus and dedication as a team can't be beaten. Whatever you're working on, whether it's a business venture, something at home or the relationship itself, is likely to hit its stride or even come to a point of success during this period, because you both know what you're doing and you're working so well together. You can now look back together at everything you've accomplished, and give each other a well-deserved pat on the back for great, hard work.

And you may have been through quite a long, sometimes really difficult slog up till this point. Maybe you've been working together with a therapist, trying to get through some relationship issues and create a better bond; maybe your work has been more on an outward plane, such as launching a business, building an addition onto your home or living according to a strict budget in order to save up a nest egg. And you may not have finished the project just yet, but you'll reach a milestone during this period. You can stop, take a breather, and appreciate everything you've both worked to achieve.

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