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Saturn sextile Neptune

Turning Dreams into Reality

Kelli Fox

You may get involved in a project or organization together during the next several months that focuses on bettering the world around you -- feeding the hungry, helping the helpless and generally extending yourselves and your efforts toward the greater good. The ideals that you share -- the ones that brought or held you together as a couple -- are now being put into realistic, concrete terms. Instead of sitting around talking about how you wish the world could be, you want to get involved and throw your energies into making the world become that place you've fantasized about.

You're both in the mood to give whatever time and energy you have to the causes that mean most to you both, and making this kind of sacrifice together will ultimately only bring you closer as a couple. At the very least, you're both tuned in now to making your relationship and the life that you lead together be as harmonious as possible -- as close to the ideal you've dreamed of as you can make it. But if you can turn your focus outward and include the world around you in your efforts to make dreams come true, this will be an even more incredible period for you.

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