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Saturn sextile Mercury

The Exchange of Ideas

Kelli Fox

If there are any issues that have been coming between you, ones that are difficult to talk out, much less see eye-to-eye on, this period of many months should help to alleviate the tension that's been building. Even if you're used to communicating well as a couple, this period will still bring some benefits, as long as you stay alert and reach out for them together. This is a good time to take a class together in a subject that interests both of you.

You'll both learn a lot, and you can help to keep each other on task when it comes to studying or taking tests. This would also be a good time to get counseling together, if that's something that interests you; the paths of communication are now open, and you're both focused on understanding each other and communicating yourselves in calm and approachable ways. If you have to be apart for extended periods during this transit, you'll be able to keep in touch through emails, phone calls and IMs, because you're both interested in the exchange of ideas and feelings now. Even small things like solving crossword or logic puzzles together are more fun than usual, so make that connection.

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