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Saturn sextile Jupiter

Don't Limit Yourselves

Kelli Fox

The coming months represent a wonderful blend of realism and optimism that will be a great boon to your relationship. Neither one of you is expecting more out of the bond than your partner is able to give. Thus, you're both feeling quite satisfied with what you've got -- a strong, loving, dynamic connection with a truly amazing person.

At the same time, you're both excitedly looking toward your future together, your combined vision optimistic, even idealistic. You can see not just the horizon itself, but past it, and what you see is wonderful! Now is the time to set goals for your relationship, and dream big together. What is it you've always wanted to do together? Sail around the world on a boat you've made with your own hands? Hmm, that might be a bit too optimistic, but an around-the-world cruise isn't! Dream big, and the reality is sure to surprise and delight you. This is one of those rare periods in your relationship when you're both happy with exactly what you've got in front of you, but you're also both interested in bigger and better ways of expressing your connection and your dreams. So don't limit yourselves or each other in what you try to achieve now.

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