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Saturn opposite Venus

Don't Make Any Rash Moves

Kelli Fox

Neither one of you is feeling particularly attractive or affectionate during this transit, which could be a bit of a tough one as it lasts nearly a year. Your sexual connection will likely cool off as you each withdraw from the other to some degree. During this period, you're both feeling a strange chill within your hearts, even though normally you feel very affectionate toward each other.

In fact, it's the very warmth and genuineness of your feelings for each other that makes this period so frustrating, because all of a sudden, for seemingly no reason at all, things just feel tense, unromantic, even chilly. You may both have serious worries or suspicions about the relationship at various points throughout this period, which could push you to consider leaving it. In the moment, it may seem like being alone is preferable to this cold tension that has sprung up between you, but don't act rashly. The current energy is a difficult one to handle, yes; but it will pass. It's best not to make any sudden moves or changes until you know for certain that your decisions are based on how things truly have become between you, and not on how they are just in the moment.

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