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Saturn opposite Uranus

Cautious Change

Kelli Fox

During this period, you may both feel restless, even rebellious, regarding your relationship. Suddenly, the bonds of your commitment, even your intimacy itself, feel restrictive; they make you itch and twitch and long for freedom. Deep down inside, you're both aware that these feelings are passing and may not even merit a response, but on the surface, you're likely to respond purely out of a strange sort of nervousness.

You simply can't keep still, be patient and see what develops! You just have to follow your impulses! But doing so upsets the careful balance of your relationship. If you're both just running off and following every whim as it occurs to you, neither one of you will have any sense of stability or continuity, which could be detrimental for your long-term bond. The trick during a long transit like this one is to try to change things in a calm, moderate way, not in an impulsive, destructive way. If you act on impulse, you might do or say things you'll really regret later. But if you can recognize this rebelliousness for what it is -- a genuine need for a change from the status quo -- you can work together on finding a new way to relate to each other.

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