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Saturn opposite Sun

Wait and See

Kelli Fox

This period of nearly a year will test your endurance as a couple and may not be a very fun time for either of you. Suddenly, things seem difficult. Neither one of you has much energy; you may both start feeling as if it's a struggle just to slog through the motions of being intimately involved.

Your sex life could take a hit now, in fact; your energies are so low that you may just not feel like making that effort to connect on a fun physical level. 'Fun,' in fact, isn't really part of your common vocabulary during these months. The relationship could feel restrictive to the point that you'll both fantasize about running off -- alone -- to Fiji, or someplace else warm and exotic that will counteract the coldness you both feel in your love life; but that wouldn't be a good idea. Your best bet now is the hardest thing to do, which is simply to wait this period out and accept whatever changes come with it. Even if you feel discouraged about where it looks like you're heading as a couple, this wouldn't be a good time to make major changes in the relationship. Instead, wait and see how you feel about each other once this challenging energy lifts, and decide then what to do.

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