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Saturn opposite Saturn

Change Lies Ahead

Kelli Fox

Decisions that you made together some time ago come back to you now as their effects make themselves known, possibly in an uncomfortable way. Difficulties in your relationship that seem to crop up out of nowhere may make you both feel insecure about your bond; after all, if you can't trust yourselves to make good, solid choices that will lead to good things, isn't it possible that your decision to be together is suspect in itself? Well, not really.

It's more likely that these frustrations aren't out of nowhere -- they've just been brewing beneath the surface, and the current energy has drawn them out. But maybe those feelings of doubt and insecurity are important just now, because they will force you to take stock of your connection. If either of you has treated the relationship with less respect than you should have, this period will challenge you to get serious about things. Both of you will have to figure out once and for all why you're in this, and whether you want to stay. If you do, there will be some difficult choices to make and some growing to do, but it's worth it in order to create the kind of relationship you both want and know you can have.

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