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Saturn opposite Neptune

Things Seem Off

Kelli Fox

Take care not to deceive or even mislead each other during this transit, which lasts nearly a year. Even the littlest white lies -- the ones you tell thinking that you're protecting your sweetie's feelings -- will cause damage now, because they'll add to a growing sense between you that things aren't on the up-and-up. You're both feeling worried about the state of your relationship, but neither of you is able to communicate your fears in any proactive way; instead, you're just sitting on them and they're growing bigger.

You might worry that if you bring them out into the light, you'll cause a rift that's too hard to bridge -- but like those monsters under the bed that you were scared of when you were little, it's best to bring things out into the open. When you do so, they have a tendency to shrink down to size. Now, it may be that one of you will mislead the other, unintentionally or otherwise, during this period; if so, this could cause heartache that will heal slowly at best. But it's always better to know the truth, and to tell it. Show each other the respect you both deserve during this period by behaving in a direct and upright way -- a way that you can be proud of.

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