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Saturn opposite Mars

Bad Mojo

Kelli Fox

If you're not careful of how you treat each other, you two might make snapping at each other your normal mode of communication during this period, which will last close to a year. You're both operating under sudden pressures that make you very aware of the restrictions inherent in your relationship, but instead of dealing with them gracefully, you're both likely to get frustrated and irritable. And what happens when you're both irritable?

Think of two lions in captivity, pacing around a cage together, snarling at each other whenever they catch each other's eye. That's you two; after a while, you may even start arguing just for its own sake, to spark things up and get a reaction. This may not be all in your heads, either. Outside pressures could get the best of you as your jobs demand more of your time and your lives just seem to get more complicated. Your timing is off with each other, too. Normally, your sex life would provide a good outlet for this kind of stress, but now you might both feel too pressured to let your hair down in that way. Ride this period out, if you can. It's some bad mojo, to be sure, but it won't last forever.

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