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Saturn opposite Jupiter

Rein It In

Kelli Fox

It will be hard now to feel optimistic about your relationship or your shared future. Instead, you'll both be plagued with doubts about your bond, as the relationship suddenly starts to seem uncomfortably restrictive. Especially if you two went a little wild recently, spending too much money together or playing hooky from work too often in order to canoodle in bed together a little longer, you'll have to pay for your excesses now.

Reining in your passions and your resources may not be how you want to spend your time, but it may be necessary to get things back to normal. If you're used to having lots of carefree fun together, the current energy could seem especially uninspiring -- and that's where doubting in your bond and in the future of the relationship comes in. But instead of focusing on the negatives, why not try to see the positives? If you work hard now and save your funds, you could plan for a fun vacation together later. And it's always good to learn a bit of moderation, right? Tightening your budget and working hard now will earn you karmic brownie points for the future, which will come in handy the next time a period like this one rolls around.

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