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Saturn conjunct Venus

Lonely Feelings

Kelli Fox

The next many months may find you both feeling lonely, underappreciated and in need of some TLC -- but finding the nurturing you need may be a little difficult for the moment. This period requires you both to tighten up the straps of your self-control and resist your urges to splurge, in whatever ways that applies. Maybe you're making less money than you're used to, and you don't have as much to toss around on fun things like dinner dates or weekend getaways.

But turning to your credit cards isn't the answer; you'll just dig yourselves in deeper than you already are. Money troubles are one of the top stressors for couples, so it's not a good idea to make it worse by maxing out your credit cards just for the sake of having a little fun in the moment. You also might both sense some distance between you this year in a romantic sense, which could really worry you -- have you lost that thrill, that special spark? Maybe, but probably not. It's just the current energy at work, testing all the pleasures and liberties that you normally take for granted. This is one of the longer transits, lasting close to a year, but it will pass, and then things can get back to normal between you.

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