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Saturn conjunct Uranus

Hearing the Siren's Call

Kelli Fox

The next several months could be an intense time for your relationship, one that may strain your connection. This period, lasting nearly a year, focuses on a struggle between commitment and rebelliousness; between what you've already established together and what you long for in your deepest and wildest heart of hearts. Can you keep your rebellious urges for independence in check and act on consideration rather than impulse?

If your relationship has been running sedately along some rather predictable tracks, you both might be shocked by the things your partner does and says now -- almost as shocked as you are by the things coming out of your own mouth! But the big question is, can you withstand the pressures of this period and come through it together, a stronger and more closely bonded couple? The answer is, yes -- with some work. You'll both be tempted at various points to throw it all out the window in favor of that sweet independence you've been dreaming of. The trick will be learning to discern when these temptations are based on real feelings or when they're just the product of this transit's frisky, potentially destructive energy.

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