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Saturn conjunct Sun

Time to Get Serious

Kelli Fox

This year could be the year that you two get serious about something together. You might make a deeper commitment to each other, or you may start the process of moving, buying a home or starting a business together. If you're not quite at that point in your relationship yet, your goals and responsibilities as a couple will still be on your minds.

What do you both want out of this relationship? Are the challenges that come from being together worth the benefits? If either one of you feels that this relationship holds you back in some significant way, you'll really start to feel the chafe of those restrictions this year. Maybe you feel as if you can't go on that round-the-world trip you've always wanted to take, because your sweetie can't or won't go with you. Maybe you wish you could quit your job and try your hand at painting, but you can't because you need to bring in your fair share of money. Or maybe you're just a little tired of the relationship, and you're thinking about moving on. Whatever your feeling is -- to stay together and deepen your connection, or to drift or split apart -- don't just think about it; now is the time to act on your decisions, even if it's difficult.

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