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Saturn conjunct Pluto

Pull In Your Resources

Kelli Fox

You may face shortages in your time or finances this year that force you to rein in several of the things you've taken for granted up till now, such as all those fun dinner dates, movies, vacations and so on. In some way, this period is forcing you to conserve resources much more than you have been, and if you're not used to being careful with your shared time or funds, this could be a difficult adjustment. Your sex life could also suffer from the current energy; maybe you're both working more now and you simply have less time to cuddle, but in some way you're just not connecting in that powerful way that used to feel so incredible to you both.

Your commitment to each other may also start to feel like more of a strain now, but before one or both of you decide to call it quits, think instead about what changes you can make. Is there any way you can free up some time or money to spend on each other, reaffirming the bond you share? Can you figure out how to look at your commitment differently, so that it doesn't seem like such a burden? This period will require some creativity and some endurance, which are exactly the lessons it offers you as a couple.

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