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Saturn conjunct Mercury

Revising Your Beliefs

Kelli Fox

You're on a quest for truth together. In the coming months, you'll have some deep, intense and sober discussions about subjects that really mean something to both of you -- and you might not like the conclusions you come to. The current energy is the kind that pushes you to be honest with yourselves and each other about your true perceptions and feelings, and what you discover may make you feel uncomfortable.

But push through it! You're in a position to really figure things out, and this opportunity shouldn't be missed. If there's some system of political or spiritual beliefs that you both value, you might tweak your views now to make them more personal, or abandon them altogether in favor of something that's closer to the kind of people you really are. This process may make for something of a serious period; your conversations with each other will often focus on heavy subjects, and light chitchat or flirtatious banter may be pretty much out the window for now! But this is important work you're doing: You're helping each other to define who you are, both as individuals and as a couple. Don't be afraid to dig deep in your discussions.

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