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Saturn conjunct Mars

Feeling Frustrated

Kelli Fox

You're both feeling a bit frustrated with the relationship during this period, which will extend for close to a year. It seems like every fun, spontaneous thing you try to do runs up against a brick wall of restriction. You want to run off for an impromptu weekend vacation, but funds or your honey's work schedule won't permit it.

Your sweetie wants to get the house clean, but you're sacked out on the couch, exhausted after a long workday. You're feeling frisky and you want to get it on, but your honey isn't in the mood. Whatever one of you is interested in doing, it seems like the other isn't -- like you just can't get your energies in sync. Turning your frustration toward each other isn't the answer; neither one of you is at fault, not really. This restrictive influence might also manifest itself as an outside force that throws challenges in the way of a project you two are working on together. In any of these cases, trying to blast through the barrier like a bulldozer is not advised. You'll probably just end up hurting yourself. Instead, be flexible. Use your powers of diplomacy and compromise to ease things through.

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