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Saturn conjunct Jupiter

Working Together on Something Big

Kelli Fox

This period of several months should be a really good, strengthening time for your relationship. You're both deepening in your sense of commitment to each other, and you have the benefits of both a grounded sense of the reality of your bond plus an optimistic view of what's possible in your future together. This is the perfect time to make big plans and set them in motion.

What do you want to do together? Move to another city or even a different country? Take an around-the-world trip? Buy a house, start a business, found an organization? Think big! You can make it happen now, because you're both motivated and you're sucking up learning and opportunities like sponges. This period won't be without its reality checks, of course, but that's one reason why it's so good to work together as a team. You can help keep each other in touch with a realistic view of what's possible and what isn't, and when you come up against the inevitable roadblocks of life -- a delayed flight, a contract falling through, a contractor or investor pulling out last-minute -- you can deal with it together, with grace and patience.

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