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Pluto trine Venus

A Deepening of Love

Kelli Fox

The next few years will see a deepening of the love between you, and an intensifying of your connection. You're both becoming more aware of the roots that you share, the ones that knit you together even when, on the surface, things don't seem so rosy between you. There's a strong foundation there, though, and you're each only beginning to understand it.

That sense of the strength of your bond makes this a wonderful period for getting to know each other and yourselves even better, and making changes that will benefit the relationship. Now you can both look back over the course of your relationship and see where you made mistakes, ones that you don't want to repeat. And the best thing is, you have the willpower now to make long-term changes in the ways you treat each other and also in how you look at relationships in general. No more repeating those old, bad behaviors or indulging in outmoded attitudes; the time has come to revamp the way you approach love. And finally, all this love, intimacy, connection and emotional honesty can lead to some very intense lovemaking, so expect a nice boost in the bedroom department!

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