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Pluto trine Sun

Getting Your Lives in Shape

Kelli Fox

During the next two to three years, the focus of your relationship should be on making positive changes -- ones that have been waiting in the wings for some time, and that will make things better between you in the long run. Whether it's establishing better communication, greater respect, a firmer sense of trust or what have you, you can take steps now toward making it happen. Old, bad habits of behavior can now be swept out, too.

If jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation or control have been issues between you, now you have the focus and willpower it takes to look closely at these issues, figure out their sources, talk them out and let them go forever. This is also a great period for working together to get in shape. Joining a gym, stepping up your exercise program, cleaning up your eating habits -- all of these are excellent projects to tackle together during this time, because you can act as sources of support and motivation for each other. When it comes to not-so-fun endeavors like eating better and getting in shape, it's always more fun to do it with a buddy. So why not do it with your closest, most intimate pal?

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