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Pluto trine Saturn

Creating the Life You've Dreamed Of

Kelli Fox

At the end of this long transit, you'll be able to look back together and marvel at everything you've accomplished. Think about your goals as a couple: Making more time to travel, perhaps, or having children, moving in together or maybe purchasing a home. Whatever it is that you want to do, now you can lay out the steps it's going to take to reach that goal, and start deliberately down the path.

One gift that you have now in your quest to create the relationship you dream of is a certain sort of stability and emotional power that you haven't always had. Insecurities no longer seem relevant to the couple that you are and want to be. You know you can rely on each other; you're a true team, and you both understand that you'll work together toward your shared ambitions, each bringing your unique strengths to the table. There's little worry now that you'll push too hard or too far; you're keeping each other grounded in whatever you're trying to accomplish, and it's likely that your desires are well-founded. So work long and work hard. You'll be amazed at the end of this period, when you can look back and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.

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