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Pluto trine Pluto

Openness and Forgiveness: Your Watchwords

Kelli Fox

You're smart enough by now to be honest with yourselves about the mistakes you've made both in this relationship and in past ones. During this transit, which lasts for the next two to three years, you'll both evolve at a deep, profound level by dragging out those old, mistaken beliefs and habitual behaviors, acknowledging and inspecting them, and finally letting them go. Whatever isn't currently working between you can also be discussed openly and forgiven, once and for all.

Whether it's an old insecurity that has pushed you to behave in certain ways or simply something you learned growing up that doesn't match up with the way your relationship truly works, you can now get to the root causes of all these feelings and behaviors. If one of you tends to be jealous or possessive, for example, now you recognize that that behavior originates in insecurity; you can focus on that feeling and talk it out together. You're offering each other a lot of support now, because you both recognize how important the relationship is to you and you both know you want to evolve toward a new, better way of being together. Make honesty, openness and forgiveness your watchwords.

Pluto trine Pluto in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto trine Pluto in the Transit Chart

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