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Pluto trine Mercury

Deeper Communication

Kelli Fox

Those pointless, petty arguments you two get into sometimes will decrease in number and scope during the next few years, as your communication improves along with your thinking. Your focus now is on discussion, self-discovery and getting to know each other better, rather than on proving each other wrong, getting the last word and so on. What a relief!

What a breath of fresh air. Couples counseling would actually be a great use of your time during this period, but it's not necessary; you'll glean enough of the benefits of this transit's energy on your own. You could also decide to put your keen minds together and turn your focus outward in some way. If there's a project or business endeavor you've been wanting to launch together, now would be a good time -- you're much more perceptive now as a duo, and you're keeping each other on your mental toes. You're both into understanding the secrets and truths of the world at large now; your conversations will range toward political, philosophical and spiritual subjects that you may have avoided discussing before now. Take a class together in a subject that fascinates you both, or do some reading together at home.

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