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Pluto trine Mars

Making Your Dreams Come True

Kelli Fox

The next several years will be wonderful ones both for your relationship and for each of you personally. You're both infused with a new sense of power and self-confidence, feelings that are derived directly from your bond. You're both experiencing your relationship as a source of support, and you're leaning on each other in a very healthy way -- that is, not much at all.

You're both strong enough to stand on your own feet! Your honey is there when you need them, but in general, you're feeling pretty solid. That makes this the perfect time to tackle projects together that will utilize each of your strengths. Consider your dreams and goals as a couple, and pick one, two or several to begin working toward as a team. Whether it's renovating your home, planning a vacation, launching a business, joining the gym together, eating better...whatever it is, you can do it together and make the project a success. The rewards of this period will be many, even if they're subtle. You'll both just be blessed with an internal feeling of balance and vigor. You know what you want and how to get it; you know you can rely on your connection as a source of strength when you need it.

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