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Pluto square Uranus

A Siren's Call for Change

Kelli Fox

The world is changing around you, and you both feel that strange, deeply rooted siren's call to join in the changes -- to transform yourselves and your relationship into something brand new. Will your relationship survive this period of fluctuation? That remains to be seen, but there's nothing inherent in this transit that will break you two up.

On the other hand, the energy affecting your relationship for the next few years is a powerful and unpredictable one. You'll both ask yourselves difficult questions over the course of this period, such as, Do your core values and ambitions really match up well? If the answer is 'No,' you may decide to take separate roads in life. But if you're together because you share similar views and desires, then this could be a really interesting period of shared growth and transformation. You may decide to join some political or social movement together, one that takes you places you could never have anticipated. This probably won't be an easy journey -- your old friends and acquaintances may oppose the new you -- but it will be interesting, and the changes you'll undergo now will alter the courses of your lives.

Pluto square Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto square Uranus in the Transit Chart

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