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Pluto square Sun

A Period of Difficult Changes

Kelli Fox

The next few years could be difficult for your bond. There will be high points, of course, and sublime moments that make it all worth it, but there will also be plenty of tension created by the energy of this transit, which seeks to force you both to face your issues, however painful that process may be. Arguments and disagreements may increase; at times, you'll both feel as if you have no idea who this person is whom you once thought you knew so well.

It's not that, though; it's that your habitual, perhaps destructive behaviors are being brought to the fore, creating difficulties between you. You'd rather just stick your heads under a rock and ignore the problems between you -- but is that what you really want? Doing so would mean continuing forward with these issues that have been crippling each of you since well before you met each other. You can turn this period into a time of important growth if you each resolve to face your problems with courage and do something about them. Support each other through this painful time as well as you can, and remember that the changes that are happening are ultimately for a good reason.

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